Javed Ahmed

Javed was born in Sahiwal, Pakistan on 12 December 1959. He conducted his medical training at the King Edward Medical College in Lahore, one of the oldest of such colleges in South Asia, coming first in his year. He arrived in the UK in October 1983 and undertook locum work in a hospital in Wales. He then gained a longer appointment, for six months in Bournemouth, and also worked in Kilmarnock and Sheffield. He knew that finding work in interventionist cardiology would be difficult, but was not attracted to work in geriatrics, the area that some of his Asian colleagues went into. In 1994 he gained a Specialist Registrar post in Sheffield, and in 1998 won a fellowship to work at the world-renowned Washington Hospital Centre in Washington DC, USA. He stayed in the USA for over two years, eventually returning to the UK as he preferred working within the NHS. He gained a consultant post in Interventional Cardiology for the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust, where he continues to work today.

Helping my patients

The biggest satisfaction I get is if I receive rewards from my patients. I think, to me, if a patient is happy, that is the best thing in my life. I want my patients to think that I have really treated them well and I’ve really continued to look after them well.